Friday, February 29, 2008

Cheaha Deer

One of our favorite past times while we're camping at Mt. Cheaha is to watch the wildlife.  We started taking a 50-pound sack of cracked corn with us last summer, so the deer really like us to visit.  Cheaha campground is pretty rocky, so we usually pile up the corn on two or three flat rocks about 20 to 50 feet from our travel trailer.  The deer usually come in the morning shortly after sunrise and again around sunset - sometimes in the middle of the day but not as regularly.

On one trip, the campers next to us offered to loan me the use of their 300 millimeter telephoto lense.  Of course, I jumped at the chance to use it (and now I have my own), so when the deer came a couple of hours later, I snapped this shot which I think highly of.  In case you didn't notice, there is a second deer in the background in the upper right quadrant of the picture.  This is the second picture I've submitted to the Alabama Hiking Trail Society's annual conference and photo contest.

I'm amazed at how well this picture came out.  I was using a lens that I had no experience with, a camera that I'm still learning about, shooting wildlife that are only 40 feet away, not moving to frame images so I don't spook the deer - you get the idea.  But I am so proud of this picture.



Anonymous said...

Great photo Brian! A camera is the ONLY way I would shot a deer.

jennifer said...

This photo is amazing. We see dear in our area all the time, often times right nest to Hwy 75 at night. Makes me nervous because I'm afraid I will hit one. Enjoyed the post and the pic - Jennifer

Leigh said...

cousin Gina and I recedntly went to Guntersville St Park and "shoot" deer (photographically speaking). They are everywhere. The lodge has recently been undated. VERy nice.