Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blog Starting Post

Hello, this is the first post to my digital photography Blog.  I post on regular basis to the Blog at which focuses on weather.  But as many people know, I am a serious amateur digital photography enthusiast, so I thought I'd start my own Blog here for the express purpose of posting digital images that I have taken.

My interest in photography has always been high.  In fact, I used to have a Besseler black and white enlarger and my own dark room.  But I have been a big digital photography enthusiast since I got the first digital camera - a Sony Mavica with floppy disc storage.  I now use a Nikon D70S which I am still learning about even though I've had it for over two years.

I use Adobe Photoshop CS3 which I dearly love.  And that, too, I'm still learning about because there is sooooooo much to know and do with Photoshop.

So this is my introductory post.  I will say that I hope/plan/intend to post one picture a day with a small explanation of the scene.  This Blog will be primarily for family and friends to take a look at photos I've made.  The photos will come from whatever I've taken and I also hope to post one a day.  That goal may be loftier than I can achieve - we'll see.

But no matter what, enjoy.



Judith said...

We look forward to your posts, Brian!

Leigh said...

Enjoyed looking over your blog!